The Museum Department

The Museum Department of the Slovenian Cinematheque collects, preserves, documents, studies, interprets and exhibits the material heritage that has shaped the history of film and cinema in Slovenia. Through its collections, it educates and raises awareness about the significance of film culture, and helps in understanding the history of film in Slovenia. It traces its origins to the Film Museum, which was established in 1973 by the Association of Slovenian Film Workers. In 1979, the Film Museum was annexed to the Slovenian Theatre Museum, which was thus renamed to Slovenian Theatre and Film Museum. With the commencement of activities (1994) and the formal establishment (1996) of the Slovenian Cinematheque, the former Film Museum and its collections were integrated in the new institution.


The collection of film technology and pre-cinema apparatuses from 1890 onward includes technical artefacts from the prehistory of cinema (laterna magica, thaumatrope, zoetrope, tachyscope); film technology constructed and manufactured in Slovenia (Iskra projectors etc.), film technology used by Slovenian film professionals (Božidar Jakac’s camera and projectors, a camera of the Skala tourist society etc.) and various technical equipment of Slovenian cinemas.

The collection of film posters holds posters for all Slovenian films, original posters for international films, posters of the Slovenian distribution company Vesna Film and distributors from former Yugoslavia.

The collection of programme leaflets and promotional material from 1906 onward includes various print items related to Slovenian and international films.

The collection of film postcards from 1900 onward holds various items. Among its highlights are the complete archive of Sivec, a glassmaker from Tolmin, which consists of around 1500 postcards, and the collection of original postcards and photographs featuring the first Slovenian film star Ita Rina, taken by Slovenian, German and French photographers.

The collection of production and costume designs by Slovenian film artists features the complete estate of production designer Niko Matul. It also holds a number of sketches by other production designers, as well as works from the archives of costume designers Mija Jarc, Milena Kumar, Alenka Bartl and Irena Felicijan.

The collection of artworks by Slovenian and international film artists contains statues, photographs, photographic negatives, postcards, prints, drawings and sketches. Its most valuable possessions are the terracotta statues made by Fritz Lang in 1915 in Ljutomer, Božidar Jakac’s Hollywood drawings dating from 1929 to 1931, and photographic negatives by Karol Grossmann, the pioneer of Slovenian cinema.

The collection of manuscripts holds screenplays, shooting scripts and dialogue lists for Slovenian and international films, as well as music scores for Slovenian films, various documents, letters and contracts.

The collection of Slovenian animated film designs has been established recently and consists primarily of drawings by Zvonko Čoh and Milan Erič, which were entrusted to the Cinematheque in 2005.

The photographic library (photographs from Slovenian and international films, portraits and set stills from Slovenian and international productions) represents the largest collection. It combines the photographic archive of the distribution company Vesna Film, photographs from Slovenian film producers, directors and other professionals, the rich photographic library of the film unit of Slovenian national television, and private collections of Slovenian film critics and writers.

The collection of rare film books and manuals from 1903 onward consists of the donated items from Boštjan Hladnik’s library, Triglav Film and donations from various individuals.

Significant acquisitions of the Slovenian Cinematheque since 1996:
  • collections of film artists and professionals: Bojan Adamič, Alenka Bartl, Jože Gale, Irena Felicijan, Mija Jarc, Milena Kumar, Milan Ljubić, Niko Matul, Franci Slak, Ljubo Struna, France Štiglic, Toni Tršar, Peter Zobec
  • the collection of animated film designs for Slovenian hand-drawn animations by Zvonko Čoh and Milan Erič
  • the collection of film technology, artefacts and documents from Viba Film
  • the collection of technical film equipment from RTV Slovenia
  • the acquisition of a private film posters collection 
  • the collection of film technology: Božidar Jakac’s camera and projectors, the camera of Skala tourist society, projectors Iskra, film technology of private owners, technical equipment of cinemas – Cinema in Slovenia) 
Since 1996, all collections have been complemented by donations from private collectors, heirs of the artists or individual purchases.

The Museum of Slovenian Film Actors in Divača (MSFI)

The Museum of Slovenian Film Actors (MSFI) was established in the renovated Škratelj Homestead, a unique architectural monument of the Karst region. The Museum offers an unequalled experience of Slovenian film heritage with an emphasis on the art of film acting.

It houses two permanent exhibitions: the first is dedicated to the first Slovenian film star Ita Rina (since 1998), born in Divača as Ida Kravanja, while the main exhibition (since 2011) unveils the secrets of film acting and brings to life actors and actresses that have marked Slovenian cinema. In the summer time, the museum open-air cinema screens films, while the multi-purpose hall hosts creative workshops for children and youth, lectures and screenings throughout the year.

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